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Improve Patient Satisfaction, Enhance Clinic Efficiency, and Bid Farewell to Administrative Burden With Wosler’s Admin Support Solution


Admin Support

We support your admin staff with handling tasks such as phone calls, faxes, scheduling, email management, and data entry. This service helps businesses operate efficiently, reducing the administrative burden on on-site staff.

Check-In Kiosk

With this service, we provide a kiosk, and the necessary personnel to handle the check-in process for your clinic.


Workflow Automation (Coming soon!)

This is our most robust and advanced solution. This solution optimizes your workflow, resource allocation, and communication within your organization. It ensures smooth operations, enhances efficiency, and improves overall productivity.

How Does Onboarding Work?

Firstly, since we’re so confident in our services we will offer you a free one-month pilot of our admin support solution.

Onboarding for call handling and fax handling is simple, just forward your phone
number and fax number to us and we’ll handle the rest.

Onboarding for admin support is just as simple; we will send you a kiosk and give you simple instructions to set up.


"Very good experience. Fast, friendly and knowledgeable technicians. No wait time even for ultrasound."

"This clinic is very nice, staff are very profesional and accommodating. They are always on time and making sure that patients are taken care of."

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